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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bill Little Motorcycles Open Day

Last Saturday a few of us went off to Bill Little's annual open day meeting up approx 12 miles outside of Bristol at 1.30pm. I / We all knew that there was a chance of showers but for some reason none of us really took much notice of the forecast.I guess,because we all left home in bright sunshine with the odd puff of white cloud floating harmlessly around.

My favourite !

Off back to London

 We set off and within less than 10 minutes we were in a heavy shower. Straight away, in my old non waterproof textile jacket I was wet through on my arms and front of my T-shirt. Oh well,only another 20+ miles to go which turned out to be continual stop / start heavy showers.
  By the time we got there most other visitors had left and the last of the few autojumble stalls was packing up.
   Still,it's a nicely atmospheric barn,complete with mostly Classic bikes and nostalgic paraphernalia scattered about and hanging from the rafters to spend an hour walking around.
  It had also stopped raining in the time that we were there, but sure enough as soon as we got back on the bikes the first few drops started again and once again within 10 minutes it was a deluge. So having dried out over the previous hour we were all soaked again and once again it was so hard it hurt.
The return journey was actually a lot wetter,consequently colder and quite a relief to get home.
 I must say that my leather jeans which I have previously treated with 'Bone Dry NZ' did not let any water through apart from a very small amount in the crotch area. Well impressed !

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