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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Calne Bike Day - 2013

Calne was supposed to be two events this year with the original organisers - the Lions Club or Rotary Club - holding their more Classic bike orientated show just out of town at the large historic Bowood House. For whatever reason this didn't happen and it was just the more predominantly Custom event in the town centre. In fact there was a noticeable lack of Classics and also not much,I thought,in the way of Specials.

Shame about the reflection but love the badge/band on this Triumph

Must be a nuisance carrying that jack around ! 

Probably nearly as much fuel in the neck of the filler as is held in that tank.

This Tiger Cub? actually looked even smaller in the flesh
than it does in this pic.

What a beauty !

Doesn't quite work for me, especially that seat unit.

And neither does this !

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