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Monday, 26 August 2013

V - Twin Rally - 2013

Had a ride down to the V- Twin Rally at Fordingbridge,Hampshire, just south of Salisbury on Saturday.The Skies were full of grey cloud all day but apart from a few spots of rain on the way home it stayed dry.
Sadly, there is not so much in the way of tonti framed bikes in evidence these days, either standard or modified. Here are a few others that caught my eye

A rare sight - Andy's Hesketh Vampire

and Janine's Magni

This attracted a lot of attention.

A young lad's learner Chinese made Skyteam 125cc

A regular visitor to the rally

Paul's had this for many many years and it always looks immaculate.
A few years back,for safety reasons, he had to replace some of the rivets on the Astralite's with bolts
after a few of them popped giving him a inner tube trying to escape out of the centre of the rim.


  1. Not a patch on the good old days.People don't seem to fiddle with Guzzi's like they used to. When are we gonna see that T3 tank on here then.

    1. It's top secret until I have a bike to put it on.

  2. Is that Chinese bike a V twin? Maybe the other pot is hidden?

    1. They seem to be a lot more lax with the V twin only rules as I noticed a Triumph and a couple of trikes (at least I don't think they were V twins) going across the field