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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Quick visit to Poole Harbour

Last Sunday I took a trip out on the Guzzi Cafe Racer that I have up for sale. It's a round trip of approx. 150 miles going via Shaftesbury (old home of the V-twin rally) taking in a mixture of A and B road.'s. The bike ran beautifully and I really enjoy riding it.The low slung clip ons and relatively high rear sets take 20 years off your life but make your back think it's 65 and not 55. Actually,that's not really true as that sort of distance isn't a problem.
There's a few top end yacht builders here

The old Customs House. Quite appropriate really as it's now a Bar/Restaurant and it's a custom to drink beer
and a bigger custom to pay a lot of Tax on it !

In the Summer months,on a Tuesday night, this street is exclusively a Bike night with,apparently,
1500 plus turning up 

I love this part of the South where Wiltshire meets Dorset

Stopped off,on the way back in Shaftesbury, for a quick look round a free small
Classic car show

Home from home, as it had a settee,sideboard,stove and washbasin 

They didn't really make them big enough did they !

Mustang Automatic for sale at £15,000

I remember Mum and Dad hiring one of these on a couple of occasions,back in the 60's
to go away on holiday with

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