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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Moto Guzzi Singles tour in Italy.

My  friend Tim in Las Vegas sent me this link to a brief snippet out of his friends Patrick Hayes's(San Francisco) diary of a tour in Italy,on Guzzi singles, that he and Larry Lloyd (Las Vegas) went on back in 2008. 
  Although I've never read about it before I remember them going as I had just previously been having helpful emails back and forth between myself and Patrick with advice about mine and Tony's impending USA trip. (We shipped our bikes to New Jersey and had a East to West Coast ride) Sadly we never got meet because of the crossover of our respective trips.
  The first time I met Tim and Larry,a couple of years previous,I remember them telling me of this bunch of Italians who would ship a container full of their bikes over to Nevada and then all ride around on their red bikes in their red overalls. The thought of it made me smile !
  I enjoyed reading it and hope somebody else does too:

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