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Monday, 24 September 2012

Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer ............project number 2

I was hoping to have some picture updates of my cafe project shown in my last posting. I actually fitted wheels,tyres and discs over a week ago, but I am waiting for the freshly powder coated shock springs etc before I put more pics up. I also had somebody else's Guzzi here for most of last week that I did a little work on.
I believe the line of the sump should be horizontal with the ground so the forks will want dropping slightly.
Plenty of time for all that as this could stay here untouched for some while yet.

It's a John Williams tank which I got from my good friend and excellent engineer  Richard Bailey (B&B engineering,Hitchin,Herts) He was originally going to build a V50 based cafe racer using it.

What I like about these Ohlin shocks is the way the damping reservoir  curves slightly inwards

The motor will eventually be a 1100Sport fitted with Carrillo rods and  balanced.
I bought a complete bike minus carbs a few years back.
There's a picture earlier on in this blog fitted with a Spada III engine and a single seat and I sold it  4 or 5 weeks ago

I hope the Scitsu rev counter works.  I bought it for  £5 at a car boot sale  approximately 4-5years ago.
  Anyway here are some pics of one of my other projects (building for myself to replace the one that went to Australia) As you can see it is only loosely bolted together sitting in the dining area with empty crankcase and gearbox casing partly so as to not take up space in my small garage and also so I can get a rough idea how it should end up looking. I am already liking the lines of the fairing,tank and seat but have hit a snag with the rear disc/caliper mounting. I have had a lot of the parts made for quite some time and the frame was mostly modified 10 -12 months ago with some of the smaller additions (brackets,seat support etc) very recently finished,but got to cut off a lot of the original frame brackets. I bought the second hand Ohlin shocks, FCR carbs tank and some other bits over the past 2+ years so that eases the pain of financing it.

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