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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Italian Car / Bike Day - Swindon

V7 Sport -same owner for 30years

Griso SE - I like the green and the wire wheels,but as with all of them I couldn't be doing with the way  the rear of the seat is slightly lifted from the tail unit.

Not my cup of tea though I am sure totally capable and superb to ride.
I am not too sure that I had even seen one of these Benelli's before

I loved the red metal flake paint job of this Louigi Moto race bike

I suppose I'd better put a picture of Fran's Guzzi cafe racer up too  or he'll get upset !
Went to the Auto Italia Day in Swindon last Sunday with my friend Fran and although there wasn't too much on display there was still a few things of interest. Only 40+ miles each way on mostly twisty bumpy B roads,but enjoyable all the same with a slightly quicker return journey. Enjoyed it !!

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