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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Guzzi Le Man (sort of) Project

A short while back I decided to sell the 850T / 750S lookalike (it went to a very good home - my friend Pete's son Jack bought it, even though he can't legally ride it until halfway into next year) with my thoughts being that I could make some space out of my spares by building something with the same period feel. Some 8 - 10 years ago I bought a number of spares, including a le man 1 tank, rear mudguard/seat pan, fairing and T3 front mudguard all in matched paintwork. Admittedly the paint isn't perfect with scratches etc inc a reasonable sized dent in the tank, but I really like colour so want to keep it as is. I also didn't want the usual black frame or silver / black wheels. So impressed with the 850T engine with it's P3 cam that I will probably go with a similar spec engine rather than a le man spec item - not even sure that I have a spare set of le man heads to use anyway. 
  I shouldn't really have bolted this all together yet (not even started the engine or gearbox) but I was keen to see how everything worked together.

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