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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Moto Guzzi S3 and V7 Sport

The S3 and V7 Sport arrived as expected on Monday and after a quick wipe over and a squirt of oil down the bores I fitted a small battery of mine. The Sports lights worked and the engine turned over very strongly on the button - pretty good for a starter that hasn't moved for approx 21 years.
  The S3 lights worked as did the horn and idiot lights but no response from the starter button which probably just needs some connectors pulling off, cleaned and put back?
   It was interesting to discover from the V5 that a good friend of mine, Joe Caruso (well known Guzzi enthusiast) actually was the first to own the Sport when it was imported into the UK from Italy in 95'. He already had one Sport at the time and after a while realised that he wasn't getting on very well with the r/hand gear change of this latest purchase and so swopped it at Conquest m/c's for a Le man 1 and Le man II. The current owner then purchased it from Conquest in 98' and so only 2 owners since it's been in the country. It's also believed to be all original factory finish and it does look like all of the correct parts are in place and less than 23,000 km - a shame that it's suffered from a couple of years of poor storage whilst in it's current 21 years of ownership. 
 The S3 has also suffered though less so, probably partly due to having had it's frame powder coated at some point in it's life. The previous owner in 97' was Classic Bike mag editor, at the time, Phillip Tooth and I remember reading about it all those years ago when I bought such magazines.
When up and running they could make great ride 'as is' bikes or maybe a bit of light restoration?
   If anybody is interested in the V7 Sport as a non runner then it's up for £8,500.


  1. Hi John, What are those petrol taps on the V7 Sport then ? Don't think I've seen those before. Are they electrical thingy's ? If I had 8 and a half big ones I'd definatly buy the V7 Sport,Im not a Guzzi anorak but it looks very original to me. Joe T.

  2. Hi Joe, That tap is only on the l/h side and is solenoid operated and apparently very correct for the Sports and yes everything looks as original as can be expected as far as I can see and Joe Caruso who's a lot more knowledgeable on these models seemed sure too