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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

850T / 750S look-a-like

Finally got round to looking at the 850T last weekend and was pleasantly surprised when I got a reaction out of it (a few months back there wasn't even a click from the button) No idea what changed as I was expecting to spend a hour or two chasing a fault. Anyway, after a couple of new plugs, realising the correct position for those old style square bodied taps it fired up and within minutes settled down to a nice tick over. I took it for a very short spin and all seemed well even if the engine did seem mechanically quite loud though I wasn't too concerned. Yesterday I decided to check the valve clearances and onto the l/h side I was a little puzzled by being able to keep tightening, to get a correct clearance on that sides inlet. On closer investigation I soon realised that I could see a broken valve spring. Took it all apart to find the outer spring in two pieces and the inner in three pieces. Luckily I have good amount of spares and soon had it back together fired the bike up and as expected it's a whole lot quieter. In my haste though I'd forgotten to put back the stepped locating washer that locates / centralises the springs, so this morning had it all apart again then back together also fitting three 6 mm  helicoils for the rocker covers and all by 9 am.

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