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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Not Poole Quay......a Alternative to Poole Bike Night

A week ago tonight I went along to Bugdad Classic Bikes alternative gathering  to the big summer weekly (every Tuesday evening) bike meet at Poole Harbour.
   Joe,his dad and Nick were already there and had had as uncomfortable a cold ride as myself.
 Do we never learn that just because it's SUPPOSED to be Summer and the sky was blue when leaving home, that it doesn't mean that it has to be warm ! 
  Anyway, Bugdad is located near the village of Cranborne, east of Shaftesbury up on Cranborne Chase and approx 55 miles from here in Bristol.
    Bugdad is actually located in some old Horse Racing Stables which make for very pleasant surroundings.

Always had a soft spot for the fat tyred Sunbeam S7

Dave's BMW R12

Roger's slightly modified Leman 1000

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