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Monday, 21 September 2015

Sunday Brunch Scramble - Bicester Heritage Centre

   I went with my friends Martin and Paul yesterday to above named event. Bicester is in the same direction as last Saturdays Norton day,but a little bit further north of Oxford. A shame that it was quite cold and foggy for a good two thirds of the journey there, though still a Great day overall and certainly a event we'll be returning to. Especially having recently found out that it's held on a bi- monthly basis. Apparently they also held a 'one off' - maybe it'll become a yearly thing? - event called 'Flywheel' which involved a quarter mile track with the old cars racing round it and, at times,a couple of Spitfires flying overhead.
   The Sunday Brunch is £5 a ticket,but if you are in a pre 88' car or two of you on pre 88' bikes then you get two for the price of one.
   Here are a few pics to be going on with,but as I took so many photo's I'll be posting them over the next few weeks.
  It is mostly a car event with,I believe, the majority parked up outside are individually owned and just there for the day,although as you will see from later pics there are a lot of companies on this site who are Car Restorers,Race Prep or simply Sales 


Petersen Racing Bentley replica
with disc brakes cleverly hidden behind the lookalike drum brakes

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