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Friday, 21 August 2015

Little & Large

I've never ridden a Quota before and was pleasantly surprised by it's comfort and handling, except for the buffeting to my head caused by that screen. Positioning myself a little more rearwards on the seat helped a lot.
   I did struggle to comfortably get on the bike and stopping was also a little precarious balancing only on the balls of my feet so being by a kerb was a bonus. I believe the later models have a lower seat height ?
    It needs a gearbox input seal and a problem the owner,Rich,thought was cured by fitting a new fuel filter has actually not gone away when the bike,after approx 35 miles of riding, starts to run badly and if the revs drop to 1000 / 1200 rpm the engine tends to stall. Fuel injection isn't something that I am comfortable with though !
A  toy and a grown ups bike



  1. Ha. I had cause to ride an NTX650, briefly, so that a friend could weld a fitment for a sidestand (on behalf of the actual owner). I think I was the one to ride it because I own a Guzzi. He owns Triumphs. And Villiers-engined mopeds.

    Whatever. I got on it via a milk crate. Got off the other end via a high kerb. Re-mounted (after the welding was done) via the same high kerb and an assisting pair of steadying hands, and eventually parked up by stopping slowly, and leaning it against a tractor!

    I liked *riding* the bike - bit soft-tuned, I thought - but nice. As long as I had an accompanying entourage to help me on and off, I'd have one. (o;

  2. Hi Barry, Yes,I can see why people choose these modern adventure style bikes with the long travel suspension and the ability to see further ahead is a bonus too. Crazy seat height on this early Quota though unless you are 6' tall. After putting some petrol in the other day I had to push the bike to a flatter part of the forecourt to get back on it.