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Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Felice Brothers at The Fleece Bristol

A couple of nights ago,Tuesday to be exact,I rode down into town on the Cafe Racer to meet up with Nick on his SV650 and Fran on his Guzzi Cafe Racer to go and see The Felice Brothers at a venue that I had never been to before in all of my 24 years of living in Bristol,The Fleece. It's a industrial 1900's building (1830 to be exact) originally a wool market,inside peppered with iron columns,narrow enough not to impede your view,supporting huge Oak timber beams and standing on flagstone floors.
   The evening started off with a support band 'Horse Thief' from Oklahoma and although initially I thought they were ok I thought that the last 4 or 5 songs were actually really good.
   After a breath of fresh air outside 20 minutes or so later The Felice Brothers came on, to the usual roar from the crowd  for the band they'd actually come to see. They took command from the start with their own brand of foot stomping,accordian,fiddle ,guitar etc playing  folk,country rock and it stayed  mostly like that,except for the odd slower paced song for the rest of the night................Excellent !

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