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Friday, 19 September 2014

Erik Buell Racing / Guzzi's,Poole Harbour etc

My friend Pete said he was off work for a day and was going to Motomecca / Moto Corsa to get a few spares. "Do you know they are near Shaftesbury now?" "No".........."We could go down to Poole harbour,have a bag of chips and then pop in and pick up the bits on the way back"
  So that's what we did and Mark came along on his Spada too
Pete's S3, my Cafe Racer and Mark's Spada
in a terrible bleached out photo

I must come down one day and take a boat trip around what is
quite a large natural harbour

Erik Buell's latest offering 

Moto Corsa's Daytona Racing

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