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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Italian Cafe Racers - Uli Cloesen

I have received my purchased copy of  'Italian Cafe Racers,' the New book by Uli Cloesen. I would have bought it anyway,but was quite keen to get a hold of a copy, sooner rather than later, as there was a chance that  my old 1100 Sport based Single seat build would be in there. As it turned out, a couple of days after my putting in my order Uli contacted me to say "the books out and your bike is featured"
   Now it's not the bike that I would have chosen at all to go in a book about Cafe Racers, as I only ever referred to it as a 'single seat Guzzi' - yeah, really original with my name tags aren't I ? -  but who am I to argue.
  I know a lot of die hard Guzzi types didn't like this bike,but it still created a lot of interest when I originally sold it via Ebay a couple of years ago and I think it actually attracted people that wouldn't normally give Guzzi's a second glance -  Convert the unconverted is a better result really anyway......isn't it ?
   Anyway,it was only ever built as a means to getting rid of all the parts in one go rather than Breaking the bike and to try something a little different.
   The book/content is nicely put together as are his other publications (I also have BMW Cafe Racers and Italian Custom Motorcycles)

If I am really honest then I would have preferred to see either my current
Cafe Racer (pictured above) or
this one one from 4 - 5 years ago
as photographed by Adam of Italian Motor Magazine

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