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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bristol (MAG) Bike Show - 2014

 I was able to get to the local MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) organised Bristol Bike Show last Saturday.
   A lot of it was of no interest to me at all with good proportion of bikes coming and going being fairly stock looking Harley Davidsons,but it's a free and friendly event and not quite as busy as the earlier in the year Auto Italia Day,so this makes moving about so much easier.
   Here's a few pics of some that caught my eye in the fairly short time that I was there,

I first saw this in the car park at Shepton Mallet Autojumble
last year,but didn't have my camera with me at the time

I just don't get a side mounted number plate on Cafe Racer style bikes
and I am not going to mention the star rear light 

Interesting though don't think he'll be going to far afield
with that slightly widened BSA Bantam tank

Not my cup of tea,but the quality of the paintwork
was pretty impressive 

though not necessarily all to my taste,but just that little bit different for me to want to take a photo

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