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Sunday, 23 March 2014

USA Trip by Two Guzzi's continues ..............New Mexico,Colorado and Arizona

The computer completely stopped working a couple of weeks ago and have now purchased a refurbished one via Ebay, so now I can continue with a few updates.
 With the last USA trip post we were just starting to head from Santa Rosa into Northern New Mexico heading for Santa Fe. As it turned out,and I didn't realise it at the time,this was the original way that Route 66 took.
We came from this direction and already quite a way up
in New Mexico having passed Santa Fe.

Maybe Heinrich Himmler didn't commit suicide afterall ?

This group of students were Geology students on a field trip from
a Alabama University.

We were heading in this direction
Further on, we did go through hilly,green forested area
which I believe was possibly a Apache Indian Reservation land.......
....well we stopped for a coffee and the place was owned by Native Americans

By this time it was early evening and we were in Colorado.
At one point on this road I had been thinking to myself how mild it still felt,but minutes later it was almost as though somebody had opened a fridge door and I was bloody freezin'

Our Motel for the night in Cortez,Colorado which was ran and owned by a German lady
and her 'Great Dane' .....I mean the breed of dog and not a huge fella from Denmark.

The next day and heading for Monument Valley.
I think this sign was just after the 'Four Corners' Monument
where the four States of Arizona, Utah,Colorado and New Mexico meet.

The main road that takes you to the those most famous
of Rock formations and also into Utah.

If you like 'remote' then this could be the place for you.
Better make a list when you go shopping as you wouldn't want to forget anything eh !

This is actually a day later as we'd stayed in place called Page near the North rim of the Grand Canyon
the night before.  It had actually meant that we went quite a few miles out of our way,
but seemed the best option at the time.
This is that next morning and on our way to the South Rim

The road that takes you to the South Rim Visitor centre and luckily, for me,
there was a petrol station there too..............rather bizarrely !

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  1. Hey John, just looked at Sideburn's blog and they advertise the Deus Ex Machine Saturday School "An Education In Motorcycling". Sideburn think it's a great idea....?! It tells me all I need to know about the currant bike scene. On a different note...I thought all those old nazi gits had buggered off to South America, but no....there's one alive and well in New Mexico!