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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Moto Guzzi's & Ducati's.....One Man's Collection

As you can see he bought the Clarke/Raceco Guzzi from me

Just a few Ducati's for good measure

Here are some more pictures from the old cardboard box under the bed. These are from approximately 12 - 13 years ago from a friends collection. We have not been in touch for many years so I have no idea if he still has them. At one time he collected cars,but storage was a little more costly.


  1. WOW.......what a collection, I would add a Ducati Darmah, Vincent Black Shadow and a Guzzi single.And an R65 Beemer of need one reliable bike.

  2. Joe,Do you recognise the bike 2nd from left at the back next to the leman II. I sold it to him, bought it back then you and your dad purchased it from me. Now Pete Brown owns it,but I have the alloy tank which is currently on the garage project..................phew !!

  3. Insane, though not many of them looked like they were used much. Nice stash tho'...

  4. Adam,I think you are right,though he did use a couple,but this is a man that bought the Senna just because his local dealership reduced the price to £11,000. Nice position to be in though eh !!