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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nuovo Falcone up for a rewire

My friend Richard Bailey (B& B's Engineering,Hitchin,Herts) sent me these pics of some work he's doing on his Nuovo Falcone.
Spaghetti Junction 

Drilling a side panel to put in a socket for connecting up his battery as the seat isn't a quick removal
I forgot to add that this is one of a few parts that Richard has made for me in the past.
It's the locking nut for the swing arm pivot pins on my old cafe racer.
Maybe contact him if you need anything similar made for your bike


  1. What, he swapped an S3 for a Nuovo Falcone??

  2. Adam, Well,Richard didn't literally swop it,but you are right he did sell his S3 2 - 3 years ago feeling that itwasn't really what he needed.
    I swopped my V7 Sport back in the early 90's for a Spada Special (in a Race style trim) I couldn't actually sell the Sport for £2,250 especially as at the time a few others were up for sale for less !!