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Monday, 17 December 2012

MZ Skorpion engine..... destination Texas

I was given a MZ Skorpion a few months back to do with what I wanted. It was in ok condition and running, but with small fairing and other body panels missing. I couldn't sell it as a complete bike at a price that I thought fair so I decided to break it. The wheels/discs went first and the frame parts a couple of weeks later.None of it fetched much money,but I have kept the forks/yokes and I definitely have a Guzzi plan for a single disc using the Grimeca calipers /master cylinders etc 
  Anyway the last bulk item to go(this weekend via Ebay)was the engine (basically a XT660) and would you believe it's eventual destination is Dallas Texas,via a Tuning company first here in Kent,UK

  So now it will soon be out of the way I can start once again on the Guzzi cafe project in the garage especially now the weather has turned a little milder,except this week is rather full with other stuff and then we are away over the Christmas period.......................DAMN !!

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