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Monday, 31 December 2012

Dartmoor - Devon

Grey skies,but pretty much the norm over here for the past few weeks .
The pub looked inviting,but we didn't stop. 

40mph limit (It's a National Park) and sheep roam freely and in the Summer months they can be
quite often found lying in the road

Clapper bridge at Postbridge and apparently there has been one here from the 1300's
and records of this one from the mid 1600's

Five days later and our return journey. At last some blue skies albeit
just a blip as the rain soon returned.

Another reason for the 40mph limit are the wild Dartmoor ponies.
 We came across these 12 - 15 just standing at the side of the road after coming round a bend.
Might have been a little more of a shock had I been on my bike and possibly travelling a little faster.

We went down to Cornwall for Christmas to be with our sister in law,nephew and niece and as you have to travel through the county of Devon we quite often,these days, go across Dartmoor to break up the journey and the monotony of  the motorway / dual carriageways. It generally takes at least an hour longer,but is so much more pleasant.   
My sister in law, Jo, paints for a living  so if interested in taking a look google -Jo March paintings- and a particularly good site is the 'redraggallery'

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