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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Fibreglass seat base mould

My friend Martin has temporarily given up on trying to locate the source of a small oil leak on his newly built BMW Cafe Racer and has turned his attentions to getting his oil in frame, Nourish engined Triumph back on the road in a slightly different guise,rather than the cafe racer style that he had it in quite a few years back.
He's cut a hole to allow for a slightly protruding rear mudguard ,then  lay a piece of silver foil over  the exposed mudguard covered in filler and then as it was going off inserted pieces of dowel all cut to 5/8ths. 

After a few more layers of filler,when dry this was then smoothed down to tops of dowel  which will give him  5/5ths clearance between seat and mudguard. You can just make out in this picture that it is slightly raised

The seat from underneath where you can just see it is very slightly  concave

He also fixed some extra ply underneath to allow for routing in these channels which should give the finished fibreglass base some extra strength
Seat mould update. Martin was advised to remove the silver foil  from  the  routed slots  and just varnish the whole lot.
At the moment he's making a mould out of plywood to use  for fibre glassing the seat base.

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