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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Scarborough and Whitby - North Yorkshire

Scarborough Bay with the castle on the hill

Not quite Hurricane Sandy,but still impressive and caught a few people out when standing too close

Freddie Gilroy sculpture

At least it makes you stop and think !!

Not enough of these type of buildings left

Vintage fair down at the Spa on the Saturday morning with lots of people  dressed  for the occasion .
Lot's of women in seamed stockings.......not that I took much notice !!
Picture is blurred because it was a sneaky shot - should have just asked really 

Dodgem car radio by Binatone was sold at £80


I want that 'GOOD STABLING' sign to be really old.
It looks like it could be..........

One things for sure those steps are really old and I just love the wear on them.
When I took the photo I didn't even notice the small set on the cobbled side street

The Dracula connection is that Bram Stoker stayed here and got a lot of  his inspiration
for his book from the town and Abbey

Whitby Abbey

Robin Hoods Bay

These stories are fascinating and also make you think
how easy we have it.
Coincidentally there is a very similar event to this that happened  on the North Devon coast.
Can't remember whether it was Porlock or Lynton / Lynmouth
Madelyn and I have just had 3 nights in Scarborough on the North East coast Maybe not the best time of year for such a trip (though we were in the car) with icy Artic winds,hail and rain,but we still enjoyed it.
 Years ago I thought many a time about going up to the Scarborough road races,but haven't as yet .
Years ago

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