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Thursday, 1 November 2012

British Scooters at the Coventry Transport Museum

On the way back from Scarborough we stayed in our home town of Coventry for a couple of nights and spent a couple of hours at the Transport museum. Couldn't believe how much bigger and modern it has got.

Phoenix designed and manufactured by ex TT rider Ernie Barret
from 1956 - 1964

Bac Gazelle from 1952 - 1953

Bond minibyke 1950 - 1953
My memories of it are of being quite small and dark and a little bit thrown together with an entrance up the side of a large haberdashery shop. Now it is large,  modern with a glass frontage that you can't miss and a excellent range of vehicles very well displayed including Scooters,bikes,cars, the Thrust Land Speed  cars and vehicles from the Prometheus film. Well worth a visit and free although a donation of £4.99 is welcome if you wish which also gets you a catalogue.
I am not usually that bothered with scooters, but found these quite interesting probably as I'd not seen many of them before.

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