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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Moto Guzzi S3 on the track at Dijon

My friend Bedwyr and his S3 going round the track at Dijon,France a few years back. A group of friends made it a yearly trip,originally it was a classic bike event  (Coupes Moto Legende.) at Montlhery just South of Paris and then it got moved to Dijon which looks to be 180-200 miles South East of Paris.

 I never went on the trip myself and none of them have been for quite a few years,but apparently a really great event.
The bike is a S3 which has been modified with,I think, amongst other things 950cc barrels/pistons and wide rimmed wheels. I have never ridden it,but believe it to be brilliantly set up bike (Bedwyr is very meticulous)
The bike is also For Sale so if you want any more information get in contact.

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