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Friday, 29 June 2012

Projects !!

Here's some pictures of some tank and seats that I have lined up for my next two or three projects but could really do with making room by selling the single seater. It didn't sell via Ebay the other week which was surprising because of the amount of interest shown. I thought it was fairly priced for something that was a little different from the norm. 

     Anyway I can still make some sort of room which won't be ideal but needs must etc......The only one that I really have a plan for  is the long MV style alloy tank and the fibreglass seat that I have cut in half to widen. This will be for my own personal project whereas the others will be to sell on. The frame in the foreground of the third picture is something I had modified (still a little more to do) 8 - 12 months ago now. The rolling chassis that I bought as a project a few months back coincidentally had already had the same type of frame mods done though I did have to get another set of the rear brackets made

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  1. hey john im gonna email you about that tank!...