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Friday, 1 June 2012

Moto Guzzi Single seater

I have to start somewhere with this blog and this seems as good a item as anything.....why? because it's a bike that I put together and I am selling it.....wel hopefully I am as it's listed on Ebay.
   It's based on a 1100Sport chassis/running gear with a Spada III motor in place of the original. I bought the donor bike for the big engine to put into a forthcoming project. It was cheapish,scruffy round the edges with the carbs missing. On the plus side it is apparently fitted with Carrillo rods and balanced.

Anyway back to the bike in the pics which is self explanatory I guess. I wasn't really sure what sort of response to expect but at the moment it's looking fairly positive with even one interested person from Australia (It's where my Guzzi cafe racer went to which I sold just before last Christmas.
     The proof will be in getting a sale of course !!


  1. Good to see you're up and running. How about a link to the bike on Ebay - or have you sold it already??

  2. Hi Adam,No,I didn't sell it.Could do that if I re-list it though. Cheers