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Friday, 3 November 2017

Moto Guzzi Roadster Cafe ..........

.............and a few hours of pootling around some fairly local roads.
   A couple of days ago I decided to put a few more miles on the Brown Roadster and to take some pics with a view to advertising it for sale.
   I headed out for the village of Castle Combe - it's only 15 mls from our house, a lovely place as a backdrop and should be relatively tourist free in Oct / Nov. Didn't really have a plan after that, but wasn't intending to be out too long so then went a few more miles onto Biddestone,nearly to Corsham and then back through Slaughterford. This latter place I've passed the sign for many times,but never been to. Turns out that it's a single track road in out of the village so it's very much hidden away. Interesting facts are that there is a old  Rag mill - closed down - there which once turned textiles into pulp and this product went to another local mill where it was turned into paper. Also in AD 879 King Alfred defeated the Danes here.
    I must go back as apparently there is walk where you can get a better look at the Mill and it's 9ft water wheel.

Castle Combe

Slaughterford Mill

Beautiful view which the pic just doesn't do justice to
on a back road by the old Colerne RAF base

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