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Friday, 3 November 2017

MASH & SWM motorcycles

I went for a short spin on my Brown Roadster Cafe today into the Wiltshire countryside out via Avebury Stones and then back through Malmesbury. A few miles outside Malmesbury is the small village of Brinkworth with a m/cycle dealership of DMA m/cycles. Initially I thought it was a classic bike parked up, ut after turning around to take a closer look found it to be a modern build by MASH m/cycles of France. Went inside and had a good long chat with the salesman about them,the SWM's - built in Italy and bikes in general..............a very friendly fella! 
   I thought that the TT40 in particular was a very nice motorcycle and the red model not too different in colour from my own half faired Guzzi.

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