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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer

I've had the Cafe Racer style bike on the road only since the start of September due to DVLA document detail changes which took approx 5 weeks. 
   My initial feelings are that it feels pretty quick,especially off the line for a old Guzzi with carbs, feels quite light too and it'd be nice to get it weighed properly. 
   It's all part of the shakedown test but I've had some initial concerns from the gearbox that I shimmed and built but it seems to be settling in nicely with mostly slick gear changes etc. The alloy tank was moving about a bit and so different tank rubbers have had to be tried especially on the r/h side..........part of the potential problem with such handmade items I guess.
   A minor hiccup at the moment is that after a few hundred running in miles it's started to run on one cylinder. Turn it off and back on again and it immediately fires up on two and runs fine. I'm thinking that possibly the Elektronik Sachse crank mounted ign is particularly sensitive to not quite perfect connections.

11OO Sport engine fitted with Kehin FCR 41 carbs and a Elektronik Sachse crank mounted ignition.The engine also benefits from previously being fitted with Carrillo rods and being balanced.
 I have fitted new piston rings and had new valve guides fitted and seats re-cut.
I hand filed - as previously done on a couple of my previous bikes - the cyl head and barrel fins.
 I swopped over the shorter of the two down pipes and had the other modified to suit so they don't stick out forward so far as standard.
 The exhaust balance section was made by local man, Steve, the same chap who modified my frame .
 The silencers are Keihin Conti replicas with modified angled bends to suit.
 Rebuilt and shimmed gearbox.
Modified standard new loom with everything mounted under the tank - small coils,fusebox, relays and ignition box.
 I have retained the linked braking system as I'm a fan of it, but to clean up the lines of the frame have moved the splitter to under the seat and the reservoir under the hump - previously did this once before on the Cafe Racer that went to Australia.
 My friend Martin made the alloy front and rear disc carriers.
Laverda Paioli forks to try and keep with the Italian theme.
Laverda rear caliper mount as previously used on a few occassions 
 Stainless front mudguard stays made to suit.
Alloy shear plate mount fitted between frame and engine / gearbox
 Alloy battery plate
S/S battery tray to suit small Lithium battery
 Fairing - cut down 'Harris' Imola
Fibreglass seat unit made for a Guzzi? but not wide enough so I cut it down the middle and added a section in.
led  indicators inset into fairing and rear frame rails
Alloy tank - the Tank Shop - but bought from my friend Richard who decided not to go ahead with his project.
Other bits and pieces


  1. Very, very nice. John. Different, but still showing your style.

  2. Hi Barry, Thanks for your comment. Actually I was hoping to bump into you at the Norton Cafe Racer day, but we didn't go due to the utterly miserable weather. Did you go ?

  3. Go John, stellar bike again.
    Kind regards
    David McMillan

  4. Hi David, Thanks for that as especially appreciated from such a builder as yourself! John