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Friday, 4 December 2015

BMW Boxer R100 Special

Here are a series of pics showing my friend Martin's BMW Special that he finished and got on the road just a few months back.
   You can see it in standard faired form from when he initially purchased it quite a few years ago,using it as his work commuter (though not until he very quickly removed the huge fairing) and general  runabout. 
   A few years ago,as mentioned previously on this blog, he had a accident when we were on our way to a Cafe Racer day at Jack's Hill Cafe in Northamptonshire.  Luckily he hadn't already fitted the twin plug ported heads because he did some fairly serious engine damage with a large hole in his rocker cover and bent rocker supports etc.
   To a lot of people they might think that it is just a fairly standard looking old factory BMW because I think the styling is still quite subtle.
   The pics will speak for themselves,but here is a brief list of the main mods:
    BMW K75 front end
   Later wheel rims laced to early hubs
  Twin shock frame changed to a Mono
   One off front mudguard
   One off rear mudguard
   One off seat base and remodelled seat
   Early /6 petrol tank
   Plus so much more
   And it goes bloody great !

A undignified return home

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