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Monday, 6 January 2014

Moto Guzzi Black Roadster..........Oh Bloody Hell !

I have had a mysterious light tapping on the right hand side of my Black Guzzi for a few months now.
I took it for a MOT back in September and it was fine and a couple of days later I went out on it and it started. It really was hardly noticeable under all the other Guzzi noises but a month or so later it became more noticeable and at speed too but didn't sound serious. I was expecting a badly worn cam follower or rocker spindle or.....?
  Anyway.I took the right hand head,barrel etc off and could not find anything as yet, except a couple of tiny pits on the high point of the cam lobe on the inlet and a little pitting on the corresponding follower.
  What I did notice was that the con rod was staying put when normally it should move very freely. Moved it about whilst turning the crank to find tight and loose spots.
  I took the sump off today and removed the con rod bolts to find what you see in the pics below.
 My friend Martin reckons it looks more like corrosion than wear and I must admit the crank does look / feel to be ok 
   I have certainly opened a can of worms but obviously it's better to find it now before things got any worse.
I still don't know what is likely to be the cause of the tapping noise


  1. Odd, looks like damp has crept in, what was the oil like? Can't you just put new shells in then do an oil/filer change then give it a good thrash? Bloody hell, trying to comment nowadays is a joke, why does Google have to just bloody mess around with everything?

  2. Hi Adam, The oil was clean and had only been in approx 600mls. I've got the other barrel off too and that side feels fine. I was thinking of just new shells and putting it back together but the more I think about it, while it is already 50% apart, also starting to think I might strip it right down and clean out the sludge trap in the crankshaft etc. A lot more work and puts the new project on hold but.......