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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Guzzi Cafe Special - Square Barrels round.....ish

The cylinder head fins are repaired and the square fins rounded off a little. I had the barrels fine grit blasted at a powder coaters and my friend Martin very kindly took my heads and rocker covers into work and grit / bead blasted those. Last week I gave them all a good clean out with a air line,a cleaning solution and then the airline again. I have also started to clean up the piston crowns and combustion chamber / valves
I first rounded the edges of some square barrels 12 - 13 years ago and that engine
is in my touring bike (languishing in the garage and not been anywhere for too many years)

I am not trying to make it look like a early round barrel Guzzi but just something that looks
a little different

Finally it's out of the Living room
(Madelyn's least until I get my other frame back !)

Before I got them blasted, Martin (my Saviour) drilled and tapped these in the heads for a breather.
 No idea why Guzzi stopped putting this in on the 1100 Sport
It certainly won't do any harm

I also have these in my collection acquired a number of years ago.
Standard 950cc Square barrels properly machined down unlike my filed down ones


  1. The rolling chassis looks very sexy. Shame to put anything else on it apart from the engine!

  2. Yes,it's not until you start putting all the necessary items on that it starts detracting from the look,number plates,batteries, lights and indicators. Just take a look at professional bike builders publicity shots and try and spot in particular the battery and number plate...................Certainly not going to get very far without them !