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Friday, 29 November 2013

Bloody Painful !

My friend Mark in Hollister (Marlon Brando-The Wild One etc) had a accident on his Cali  4 - 5 months back. Riding home on the backroads in the San Luis Obispo area (Pacific Coast Highway) he came around a corner to find a Off Road style bike coming the opposite way, but slightly too far over on his side of the road. Mark took avoiding action only to find himself sprawled out on the road.
 He still doesn't really know how he ended up off the bike as he said that his action to avoid the other rider wasn't that dramatic.
  I know a lot of those back roads are very twisty,bumpy and gravel strewn but I also know Mark is a very good rider and handles that Cali very well (Tony and I have ridden down a stretch of Highway 1 and some of those very similar back roads with him)
 Anyway,the result was a very serious double break to the Collar bone and a few months off work.Although the bike wasn't too badly damaged he took the full payout as it was such a good offer.
Ouch !!


  1. What was it you mentioned about 2 blogs ago about long straight Californian roads ?!?! I feel sorry for yer mate though.

  2. Those Californian roads I referred to might have actually still been in Nevada but I can't remember. I think you will find that there are plenty of twisty roads all over America it's just that when they are long and straight there is no getting away from it...............they are long and straight !!
    If you want Californian twisty take a look at Youtube and search Mullholland Drive / Highway or Malibu Hills