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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wovenhand - Mosaic

Owned the album for just over a year,but been playing it quite a lot lately and particularly like this track - Winter Shaker


  1. Thanks heaps for for this recommendation - upon listening I have become an instant convert.
    Loving your blogsite as well.
    Thanks heaps

  2. Hello Justin, Thanks so much for your positive comments as it is really good to get some feedback (preferably good) Pleased too that you have found some music you might never have got to hear as music is as important to me as building up and riding my Guzzi's. Thanks again John
    ps Give Sixteen Horsepower - Folklore a try too as formed from Wovenhand also John Grant-Queen of Denmark,The Duke & The King -Nothing Gold Can Stay.........I'd better stop as I could go on and on...........