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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer (Raceco)

The famous picture of Ian Cobby cresting the 'Mountain' at Cadwell Park
on the 'Team Clarke Raceco' Guzzi

As I picked it up around 1998' - 99 from the original purchaser.
He had started buying the parts to convert it to a road bike,but decided to buy a  Honda Firestorm instead.

I had the seat unit made up by somebody at 'Airbus' and the rest was relatively straightforward too.
The downpipes came as spares made out of mild steel,but beautifully put together and incredibly light 

It had everything of course tuned engine,Carillos,twin plugged,race cam etc,floating drivebox,Forcella  forks.
Needless to say it went very well,though too firm a suspension for British roads.
The only thing that really let it down was me as the rider! 
I was going through a load of my old bike photo's (sad that it's mostly gone digital these days) a few weeks ago,but wasn't sure whether to bother posting any up.I have decided  that somebody might find them interesting so will filter them in over the coming months / year etc

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