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Thursday, 10 January 2013

USA trip nostalgia

The pictures that Mark sent of his day in The Sierra Nevada mountain foothills sent me off (it doesn't take much) thinking about mine and Tony's trip to the USA approximately 5 years ago now. I keep all the bits that I gathered together from the trip in a basket in the living room so quickly came across these 'directions' and the map lives permanently rolled up in the corner.
In the age of Sat Navs these pitiful scraps(kept on top of tank bag)  were some of our directions,
though not all were actually stuck to as we had no particular schedule to follow.

If you enlarge this hopefully you should be able to see the pink  line in felt pen
which is roughly our route.This was filled in when back home.
Went as far down as Arkansas and as far up as a corner of Colorado.
Maybe San Francisco is a little higher ??
Just because I can't resist I'll no doubt post up some pics very soon too which I'll apologise in advance for now !

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