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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Moto Guzzi cafe project number 1

Bought these rough aftermarket fibreglass side panels off of Ebay a while back

Apart from a rub down and filler I also wanted to try and make the bottom brackets
look like they were a part of the panel rather than a add on.

This tail light / number plate bracket,would you believe, took  me quite a few hours
and I am not overly happy with it. Two of the decorative holes are off the centre line
and it looks a little big,particularly when seen from the rear (wire exit end) 

I haven't done a lot to my priority project in the last 6 weeks, partly due to the cold spell we had,then the Christmas period and just generally lost a bit of momentum I guess. I have opened up the carb inlets to suit the 36mm manifolds as this engine is a 950cc Spada originally meant for 30mm carbs and I'll be taking the seat for foam and covering tomorrow.

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