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Saturday, 8 February 2020

Moto Guzzi x 2

My friend Pete's Le man project (actually a le man II) that he bought from myself and although more than capable of doing the work himself  presently he's got too much going on to finish off so I've made up and fitted brake lines, installed pistons/seals,fitted carbs and got it running etc. I'd probably never think about a yellow paint job but really like it and once the bikini fairing is fitted reckon it'll set it off a treat. I did even wonder if the mustard/gold wheels might be too much with the yellow paint but think it all works and his self anodised engine etc. 
  The other is mine but haven't got very far with this except having to get one of the silencers cut and shut as the upswept angles were slightly different plus make some new brackets for them to hang from. Although this is a le man II frame and crankcase the heads are small valve items and I'll be fitting 30 mm round bodied Dellortos 

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