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Friday, 10 February 2017

GAMMATRONIX Ignition System

I've just purchased my second one of these for the current Cafe style project. I bought one late last year for the Brown Fastback Roadster after I thought it would cure a curious fault with that bikes running - Although the Brown Roadster is running perfectly now that purchased unit wasn't the cure ......but although I can't say I've properly road tested that bike either with the Gammatronix fitted  I like the idea and claims of it.
   Dyna actually do a Ignition Points Booster as I had one on a Guzzi some 20 years ago.
  Now I've never been totally convinced by electronic ignitions even though Lucas Rita's were the ones Guzzi owners wanted to fit (or Piranha / Newtronics as a cheaper option) but my first 3 or 4 Guzzi's all ran points and I never had a problem in the 12 - 14,000mls a year I was doing back in the early 90's. In fact my first Guzzi that came with a Newtronics system already fitted quickly developed a intermittent fault of firing on one cylinder which turned out to be a bad diode.
   My argument has always been that with points you are likely to at least get to your destination but with a electronic ign probably not - with a inevitable call out to the Breakdown service.
I've heard of many problems with Lucas Rita's and even when they check out as ok and working when fitted to the bike they don't !
    My Black bike had a Dyna III fitted and worked fine for 6 - 7 years when suddenly it stopped. According to the fault finding the one test said it was ok ......when obviously it wasn't?  I contacted Dyna in the USA when they said - via email - " well it could be such and such so if you send it back to us we'll take a look"
    So getting back to the Gammatronix - it replaces the condensers and apparently eliminates points wear, improves economy / power, more accurate spark timing / increased voltage,sharpens rev response with no spark erosion at the points.
    It's quite a bit more to buy than a pair of condensers  (£13+ plus postage) - at approx £43 inc postage - but if it does everything it claims then it's got to be well worth the extra layout. Time will tell !

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