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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Guzzi's in Yosemite National Park

I caught a snippet of Barack Obama talking on the BBC news this morning about the dangers of climate change whilst on holiday in Yosemite park and it immediately sparked memories of mine and Tony's trip across the USA and our brief ride through this huge National Park.
   It's 1,168.681 sq mls and most of the visitors spend their time in a area of 7 square mls which I find a amazing fact which puts it's size into even more perspective.
    We went through  in the early evening after the roads had been closed all day due to the snow and didn't find anywhere to stay until approx 10.30 pm where we ended up paying one of out highest prices for accommodation in our whole 3 week + trip. We were just glad of somewhere though after leaving Las Vegas that morning, riding through Death Valley and then a highway (might have been the 395?) through eastern California.
Early evening, getting cold and the road that leads into Yosemitie
and approx another 4 hours before we found our hotel for the night

The next morning and our first proper view of where we'd
stayed the night

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