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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bristol Auto Italia Day 2016

I don't know how this event every year manages to pull off generally very decent weather. This year it was a little cold and blue skies. Sadly because of the tallish buildings and narrow streets the sun struggles to supply any body warmth until mid to late afternoon.
  It's a very popular event,but it didn't seem quite as busy as previous years and although plenty of cars and bikes to look at more of the older stuff and Specials wouldn't have gone amiss.
   I went down on my latest build (to sell) which thankfully seemed to get a lot of positive attention from what I saw and was told by other friends.
  One of the highlights (sad I know !) of my day was, as I left, being accosted by a Hen Party group and getting asked for the soon to be married young lady to pose for photographs sitting on the back of my bike. It's a shame that I didn't think to ask one of them to take a pic with my camera.
A new Ducati Monster which I'd never even seen a picture of before

Ben Part (Davida Guzzi builder) came down on this

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