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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Ebay's Global Shipping Programme - A Word of WARNING !

I personally haven't used the Ebay Global Shipping service and after very recent Ebay buying experience doubt that I will.
   Before Christmas I purchased a pair of Moto Guzzi V7 fork yokes (Triple Tree) from the USA.
 Yesterday my parcel arrived and immediately I was slightly surprised by the size of the box and then after picking it up by the light weight. What I actually received was a Father Christmas figurine.
  The 'Customs' declaration stated the contents were MG V7 Triple Tree,but the sender's address was Inwood, New York, when,if my memory served me correctly, the seller was in California. 
  After emailing the seller we quite quickly came to the conclusion that either the Customs people or some other part of the handling process had mixed up the parcels and stuck labels on the wrong boxes.
   Ok,so I laughed about the the Xmas figure while at the same time was disappointed at not getting what I'd ordered.
    The actual point of relaying this on here is that seemingly the only way of resolving this and getting my money back was for Ebay to 'open a case against the seller' I lost count of the amount of times that I tried to get across to Ebay that surely this was their respnsibility and not the sellers - it's gone into Ebay's own shipping programme etc etc
   Not only that because I received an item ,even though it's the wrong item and not from my seller that I am supposed to send it back to have a proof of posting so as to then qualify for my refund.
   I of course also tried to get across that the 'Bike Breakers' in California didn't send this item to me in the first place and won't have any interest in receiving it.
    I might well have been talking to a brick wall as the same response just kept coming back " So would like me to initiate a claim" etc etc
   I finally had to reluctantly agree. I then informed the seller that my hand was forced and that I did not believe it to be their fault or responsibility.

   The seller has since replied to say that to save any hassle that they would just refund me anyway. 
Doesn't look much like Moto Guzzi Fork Yokes to me

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