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Friday, 13 September 2013

Another........ Bristol Italian Day

After our little excursion to the Norton day in Oxfordshire last Saturday, on the Sunday there was another Italian Day down at the Bristol Docks. I believe that it was organised by the same people as the April 'Auto Italia Day' but I wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near as big. Sure enough it wasn't, with little in the way of cars.The twenty or so bikes that were there, were huddled into a specific parking area so guess that they were never meant to be part of it anyway. Mine,Fran's and Tony's Guzzi's were the oldest there.

Apparently the wire wheels are a unusual sight on one of these.

90% of the cars were modern and they don't do a lot for me

The pointy end of the Balmoral


  1. Yes,but just not a lot else. Certainly glad that we'd only come from the town outskirts and not from miles away.