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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Italianmotormagazine photo shoot

Adam from Italianmotormagazine has been over here in Bristol today, giving himself a early start arriving at my door by 9am. 
  After a swift cup of tea we took ourselves and both my bikes down to the docks area to take some pics.
He's already featured my black roadster in issue 5 of his mag but needed to take some more to satisfy Chris Hunter of the 'Bike Exif' website who would be happy to feature it.
  Also took shots of my latest cafe racer build for future use.
 It was quite a long day (more so for Adam with a 4 hour + round trip to get here and back) having to contend with tourist's walking by and even a steam train that tootles back and forth.
Photographing the photographer.

It got too much down at the docks so moved to a quieter old industrial area of Bristol


  1. For some reason Spandau Ballet etc spring to mind.

  2. Hi John!

    FOund my way here via Adam's (Italian Motor Magazine) page, where I enquired after the rocker cover protectors used on this build of yours.

    They look very nice, and a good alternative to the current trend of 'billet' type protectors.

    Do you happen to know where I might set about sourcing a pair?

    Kind regards, Barry

  3. Hello Barry, I am sorry but I have no idea. I think that they are possibly no longer produced, as I first had some when they came fitted to a Guzzi I bought back in the early 90's. I think I damaged one of them badly in a accident and then a few years back I acquired another single one, of the correct side, to again make up a pair.
    I really like the style of them myself but don't think that they will as effective,in the event of the bike going over, as some of the billet ones now available.
    Sorry that I cannot be of more help

  4. If you are interested, they (or something v.similar) seem to be listed on the NBS site, in the 'stainless' section.

    No connection - just spotted them when looking round at Guzzi stainless bits.