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Monday, 29 April 2013

Oh no............. another Guzzi project

I had no plan to buy this until a friend phoned me up just over a week ago to remind it was due to finish on Ebay in the next 50 minutes. So, it got me thinking about it again weighing up the value of the individual parts and I thought, okay
Having picked it up I am actually very pleased with it.
Nice condition Boranni wheels,new tyres,new Amal carbs on straight inlets
and 38mm Ceriani forks

Anybody any ideas about what the forks are off ?
They look to me like they could be Laverda and I reckon that  the caliper mounts would
mean 285/290mm discs.
I'll put a bid on it not much above what was already showing,but I won't win it.With the last 6 minutes to go I was expecting,almost willing somebody to outbid me.  Well, it's obvious that nobody did and here it is having picked it yesterday with the help of my friend Tony and his van. The seller was from Newcastle on Tyne,but was at the Stafford Classic bike show all weekend so much better a 230 ml round trip than a 600+ mile one 

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